Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

Rule Rule 877-020-0000

An “agency” is a private or public organization that, through its employees, engages in clinical social work (defined in ORS 675.510 (Definitions for ORS 675.510 to 675.600) (2)) generally characterized by the following:


Cases are assigned through a central process;


Billing is centralized and done in the organization’s name;


The organization collects all fees including deductibles and co-payments;


The organization controls client records and is responsible for their proper storage and destruction;


The organization displays its name on the premises so as to be clearly visible to clients;


The name of the organization is on all forms given to the client;


The organization maintains the responsibilities for hiring and firing of staff;


Supervision of clinical social work associates is provided on a regular basis; and


Policies and procedures of the organization are available in written form for the staff and clients.

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Jun. 8, 2021