Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

Rule Rule 877-020-0060
Reduced Requirements


A person described in section (2) of this rule is subject, upon written request submitted to and approved by the board, to the following requirements for continuing education and renewal fees:


Continuing education:


The number of hours required by OAR 877-025-0011 (Required Hours of Continued Education)(1) is reduced to 20.


Continuing education described in OAR 877-025-0006 (Types of Continuing Education)(1) or (6) only is authorized.


Carryover of hours, addressed in OAR 877-025-0016(4), is not authorized.


This rule does not change the continuing education hours required for a supervisor or the continuing education requirement for ethics training.


The fee for renewal of a license, described in OAR 877-001-0020 (Fees for Certification and Licensing), is reduced by half.


The requirements described in section (1) of this rule are applicable to a licensed clinical social worker who:


Has practiced clinical social work under the authority of a license for twenty years;


Has not been disciplined by a licensing authority during the prior 15 years of social work practice; and


Engages in the practice of social work for not more than 500 hours a year.


A person subject to the provisions of section (1) of this rule may not apply for an inactive license.


The board retains the authority to reduce the requirement set out in section (2)(a) above upon request from an applicant and on a showing of good cause. For example, the board may reduce the number of years that a licensed clinical social worker must have practiced to qualify for reduced fees under this rule upon a showing that the licensee began his or her career later in life.

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