OAR 877-020-0046
Inactive Status


Upon written request and certification by a certified social work associate or a licensed clinical social worker who plans not to practice clinical social work in Oregon for an extended period of time, the board may place a certificate or license in inactive status.


A certified social work associate or licensed clinical social worker whose certificate or license is in inactive status is subject to the requirements imposed on certified social work associates and licensed clinical social workers except for the requirement to submit annual reports of continuing education.


At the time a request to be placed on inactive status is submitted, a certified social work associate or licensed clinical social worker must be current on the fees required by OAR 877-001-0020 (Fees for Certification and Licensing). At the time of the request, and at the time of each renewal of the certificate or license while it is inactive, the associate or licensee must certify on a form provided by the board that the associate or licensee will not use a title that indicates the person has an authorization to practice regulates social work while the certificate or license is inactive.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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