Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

Rule Rule 877-020-0016
Licensing of People Qualified in Another Jurisdiction

A person licensed, certified, or registered as a l social worker in another jurisdiction is eligible to be licensed or certified in Oregon if:


The person meets the education requirement in OAR 877-020-0009 (Requirements for Certificate of Clinical Social Work Associate)(2) and 877-015-0108(2);


The person is fit to practice regulated social work in Oregon. In making this fitness determination, the board will consider whether the person is the subject of an investigation or disciplinary action by a licensing board and the reasons for the action;


As a condition of licensure, certification, or registration in the other jurisdiction, the person was required to meet requirements substantially equivalent to those set out in division 20 and division 15 of these rules; as applicable and


The person successfully completes the exam on Oregon statutes and rules and the national exam for regulated social workers described in and subject to the limitation in 877-020-0008 (Licensing Requirements) and 877-015-0108(5)(a)(b).


Applicants for LCSW licensure who intend to practice clinical social work in Oregon as defined in ORS 675.510 (Definitions for ORS 675.510 to 675.600)(2) and OAR 877-001-0006 (Definitions) prior to issuance of an Oregon LCSW license, must first, prior to starting practice, , qualify for and be issued a clinical social work associate certificate until all requirements for issuance of an Oregon LCSW are met


Applicants for Oregon LCSW licensure who qualify for issuance of a CSWA certification as required in subsection (5) of this rule must comply with the supervision requirement in 877-020-0010 (Plan of Practice and Supervision)(3)(b)(B).

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