Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division

Rule Rule 918-308-0060
Delegation Review and Approval Process


The division shall, after review of the application, submit the application to the board for comments and recommendations, and grant or deny the application, or seek clarification or corrections. If additional information or technical corrections are necessary, comments may be provided and the municipality may be allowed to submit changes.


If a complete and acceptable plan is not on file by January 1, the request for delegation shall be denied for that year. An extension may be granted if agreed to by the municipality, division, and county involved, if the municipality is a city.


If a municipality whose authority was previously revoked reapplies for delegation of the electrical program, it shall, in addition to its application, show how past deficiencies were corrected and how they will be prevented in the future.


A new delegation of authority shall be provisional for a year. A municipality receiving a provisional delegation shall amend its application, if necessary, to reflect desired changes. If no amendments are filed by January 1, the prior application shall be used. The division shall make site visitations as necessary to inform itself of how the electrical program is being administered and how the operating plan is being followed and file its report with the application. Once the application is renewed no new applications are necessary unless the delegation is revoked or yielded by the municipality.

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