Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division

Rule Rule 918-308-0330
Review of Records


The municipality shall maintain and make records available for division review. For the purpose of this rule except where the context requires otherwise, a “previous year” is the last full fiscal year for the municipality. The required records are:


Electrical permits issued during the previous two years;


Minor installation labels issued during the previous year;


Inspections performed by electrical inspectors during the previous fiscal year;


Written code interpretations made during the previous two years;


Written or recorded complaints about the program lodged with the municipality and disposition of the matters for the previous fiscal year; and


Records of revenues from electrical permits, inspections, and penalties, and expenses incurred in the administration and enforcement of the electrical program for the previous fiscal year.


The municipality shall report the number of electrical, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and manufactured structures set-up permits issued, the number of minor labels issued, and the number of electrical inspections performed by the municipality during the previous fiscal year.


The program review team:


Will review the operating plan for program delegation submitted to the division under these rules to determine if the municipality is following the plan;


May require additional financial information if municipal records do not satisfactorily show application of permit and inspection funds, including interest, to the electrical program or shows charges not related to the electrical program.

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Jun. 8, 2021