OAR 943-045-0410


“Abuse” means any act or absence of action by a staff or visitor inconsistent with prescribed treatment and care that violates the well-being or dignity of the individual.


“Authority” means the Oregon Health Authority.


“Derogatory” means an expression of a low opinion or a disparaging remark.


"Director” means the Director of the Oregon Health Authority’s Addictions and Mental Health Division or their designee.


“Disrespectful” means lacking regard or concern; or to treat as unworthy or lacking value as a human being.


“Division” means the Oregon Health Authority’s Addictions and Mental Health Division.


“Employee” means an individual employed by the state and subject to rules for employee conduct.


“Inconclusive” means there is insufficient evidence to conclude the alleged abuse occurred or did not occur by a preponderance of the evidence.


“Individual” means a person who is receiving services at a state hospital for people with mental illness.


“Not Substantiated” means the preponderance of evidence establishes the alleged abuse did not occur.


“Office of Investigations and Training (OIT)”means the Department of Human Services’ Shared Services Division office responsible for the investigation of allegations of abuse made at state hospitals on behalf of the Authority.


“Staff” means employees, contractors and their employees, and volunteers.


“Substantiated” means that the preponderance of evidence establishes the abuse occurred.


“Superintendent” refers to the chief executive officer of a state hospital who serves as the designee of the Director to receive allegations of abuse concerning individuals and his or her designee.


“Visitor” means all others persons not included as staff who visit the facility for business purposes or to visit individuals or staff.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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