City Boundary Changes

ORS 222.115
Annexation contracts

  • recording
  • effect

A contract between a city and a landowner containing the landowner’s consent to eventual annexation of the landowner’s property in return for extraterritorial services:


Must be recorded; and


When recorded, is binding on successors in interest in that property. [1991 c.637 §4; 2012 c.46 §§1,2]

Notes of Decisions

City may not require consent to annexation by city as consideration for provision of services by other government bodies. Bear Creek Valley Sanitary Authority v. City of Medford, 130 Or App 24, 880 P2d 486 (1994), Sup Ct review denied

Consents or contracts to consent to annexation given by property owners prior to 1991 in exchange for services are ineffective unless annexation plan was submitted to owner before consent was requested. Johnson v. City of La Grande, 167 Or App 35, 1 P3d 1036 (2000)

Chapter 222

Notes of Decisions

Provisions of this chapter do not require final decisions on small tract annexations to be made in quasi-judicial proceedings rather than by popular vote. Stewart v. City of Corvallis, 48 Or App 709, 617 P2d 921 (1980), Sup Ct review denied


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