ORS 222.240
Approval of petition
  • appointment of charter commission
  • employment of assistance
  • functions

If the governing bodies find that the petition is in proper form, contains the required signatures and proposes an incorporation that complies with goals adopted under ORS chapters 195, 196 and 197, the governing body of each of the cities to be included in the proposed city shall approve the petition and appoint two residents of each of the cities as the members of a charter commission to prepare a charter for the proposed city to be submitted to the electors for approval or rejection at the same election at which is submitted the question of the creation of the proposed city. The charter commission may employ at the expense of the cities such legal and other assistance as it considers advisable to assist it in the preparation of the charter or the performance of its duties, and the expense shall be equally borne by the cities. If the petitions provide that one or more unincorporated areas shall be included in the proposed city, the governing body of the county within which the largest portion of all such areas lies shall appoint to the charter commission two electors residing in those areas. After the commission is selected, it shall prepare a charter for the proposed city within 60 days after the commission has been appointed. [Amended by 1971 c.761 §4; 1985 c.702 §24; 2001 c.672 §7]

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