City Boundary Changes

ORS 222.530
Procedure for division of assets on withdrawal of part of district

  • arbitration and award


Within 90 days from the date of such withdrawal of part of a rural fire protection district, a highway lighting district, a special road district or a park and recreation district, the governing bodies of the city and the district shall agree upon an equitable division and disposal of the assets of the district. The plan of division of assets shall be arrived at after giving consideration to the assessed valuation of the whole district and the part of it withdrawn, the types of assets, and their location and intended use. However, the plan for division of assets of a rural fire protection district may in no case divide the assets so that the remaining part of the district would have a less favorable fire insurance grade classification, according to filings made pursuant to ORS 737.205 (Filing rates, plans with director), than that which the district had at the time of the withdrawal.


The remainder of such district shall continue in existence as a district, but may dissolve in the manner provided in the applicable district statutes. After withdrawal, the services for the remaining part may be performed by the remainder of the district acting independently as such; or, such services may be performed by contract with the city, or by agreement of the city directly with the property owners of the remainder if the district determines upon dissolution. If dissolution is determined upon, and the city agrees to furnish service to the remainder of the district, all assets of the district shall become the property of the city.


If an agreement pursuant to subsection (1) of this section cannot be arrived at within 90 days from the date of withdrawal, upon the request of any party in interest, the county court or board of county commissioners of the county in which the property is situated shall submit the matter to arbitration under ORS 36.600 (Definitions) to 36.740 (Relationship to electronic signatures in Global and National Commerce Act).


Notice under ORS 36.685 (Award) need be made only upon parties in interest who have participated in the arbitration proceedings. An appeal from the award may be taken only to the circuit court for the county in which the property withdrawn is located, subject to further appeal as provided in ORS chapter 19. The functions of the district for the entire preexisting area thereof shall be continued by the district until the final determination of such agreement or arbitration.


The governing bodies of the city and a rural fire protection district, a special road district or a park and recreation district, as the case may be, may enter into a binding agreement for the joint operation of the fire protection or park and recreation facilities of each that will be beneficial to and equitable for the inhabitants and property owners of each after the withdrawal of part of such districts. [Amended by 1955 c.471 §3; 1957 c.401 §4; 1963 c.347 §5; 1965 c.509 §5; 1969 c.690 §27; 1971 c.13 §6; 2003 c.598 §38]
§§ 222.510 to 222.580

Law Review Citations

50 WLR 619 (2014)

Chapter 222

Notes of Decisions

Provisions of this chapter do not require final decisions on small tract annexations to be made in quasi-judicial proceedings rather than by popular vote. Stewart v. City of Corvallis, 48 Or App 709, 617 P2d 921 (1980), Sup Ct review denied


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