City Sewers and Sanitation

ORS 224.065
Writ of review

Notwithstanding any of the provisions of ORS 224.010 (Definitions for ORS 224.010 to 224.170) to 224.170 (Certain laws and charter provisions applicable to property beyond city limits), owners of any property against which an assessment for a local improvement under this chapter has been imposed may seek a review thereof under the provisions of ORS 34.010 (Former writ of certiorari as writ of review) to 34.100 (Power of court on review). [1967 c.280 §2 (enacted in lieu of 224.060 and 224.070)]

Notes of Decisions

Where city had adopted "Resolution to Construct" ordinance as first step toward formation of local improvement district, but had not yet determined which property to assess or given notice of proposed assessments to affected property owners, plaintiffs could not proceed by way of writ of review to challenge this resolution; overruling to extent of inconsistency, Lindley v. City of Klamath Falls, 18 Or App 375, 494 P2d 464 (1972) and Chrysler Corporation v. City of Beaverton, 25 Or App 361, 549 P2d 678 (1976), Sup Ct review denied. McKenney v. Lake Oswego, 30 Or App 913, 569 P2d 27 (1977) Sup Ct review denied

§§ 224.010 to 224.170

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application of Ballot Measure 47 (Oregon Constitution Article XI, section 11g) to issuance of bonds for specific local improvements, (1996) Vol 48, p 67


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