City Sewers and Sanitation

ORS 224.350
General powers of State Treasurer under ORS 224.310 to 224.420

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The State Treasurer shall be the sole judge as to whether state funds shall be invested in the project and as to which undertakings shall first be financed. The decision of the State Treasurer on the subject of investment and priority shall be final.


The State Treasurer may enlist the technical services of any state officer or department in a study of the feasibility and cost of the sewerage project.


The State Treasurer, in the discretion of the State Treasurer, may purchase, with funds subject to investment by the State Treasurer, or with moneys from the revolving fund as provided in ORS 224.390 (State Sewer Bond Revolving Fund), general obligation sewerage system bonds of any municipality including bonds issued under statutory or charter authority pursuant to applications to pay assessments in installments. To facilitate the construction of a sewerage system for a municipality, the state may purchase at current market prices with such funds the outstanding water system bonds of the municipality. After the purchase of such bonds, the State Treasurer may agree with the municipality as to allocation of the net revenues of the water system of the municipality to the payment of the principal of and the interest upon the water system bonds, and upon the sewerage system bonds of the municipality. If the State Treasurer deems it expedient in the acquisition and construction of a sewerage system for a municipality to furnish sewerage service for territory that is contiguous to a municipality, or for territory outside the municipality that, in the judgment of the State Treasurer, can conveniently be served by the sewerage system thereof, the state may purchase the sewerage system bonds of a sanitary district or districts comprising such territory, or any part thereof, provided the public indebtedness for all purposes within said sanitary district or districts shall not exceed 12-1/2 percent of the real market value of all taxable property therein.


The State Treasurer may authorize municipalities or sanitary districts, or both, to issue sewerage system bonds with the right reserved to them to redeem bonds at par value and accrued interest prior to the final maturity dates of the bonds.


The State Treasurer, in the discretion of the State Treasurer, may authorize deferment of payment of interest upon the sewerage bonds of the municipality or district for a period not exceeding three years, and may provide for the issuance of such bonds with graduated rates of interest.


The State Treasurer may adopt rules and regulations specifying the procedure to be followed by a municipality or sanitary district in availing itself of the provisions of ORS 224.310 (Definitions for ORS 224.310 to 224.420) to 224.420 (Duty of local treasurer to keep funds separate and withhold bond payments). [Amended by 1953 c.287 §9; 1967 c.293 §25; 1991 c.459 §352]


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