City Sewers and Sanitation

ORS 224.080
Record and effect of judgment

Upon final determination of the review a transcript of the judgment shall be filed with the auditor, clerk or other official of the city having charge of the assessment records, whereupon it shall be entered in the records of the city and other records as provided in ORS 224.090 (Assessment lien on property outside city limits) and 224.100 (Records and indexes of transcripts) and shall constitute the assessment against the property. It shall bear interest from the date that other assessments for such sewer or work bear interest and shall be enforced and collected in like manner as the assessment is collected against other property which may have been assessed for such sewer or other work. In case the judgment on appeal is for the same amount as the assessment, no entries need be made of the transcript. [Amended by 1967 c.280 §3]
§§ 224.010 to 224.170

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application of Ballot Measure 47 (Oregon Constitution Article XI, section 11g) to issuance of bonds for specific local improvements, (1996) Vol 48, p 67


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