Information Technology

ORS 276A.200
Legislative findings on information resources

The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:


Information is a strategic asset of the state that must be managed as a valuable state resource.


The expanding need, use and importance of information resources in this state require strong and effective management by both individual agencies and the state as a whole.


The state must establish management procedures to ensure a framework for the review, improvement, integration, development, security and use of information resources. Principal objectives for information resources management are improved productivity of state workers, better public access to public information, increased effectiveness in the delivery of services provided by the various agencies and enhancing development of the telecommunication infrastructure available to the public.


Effective information resources management requires:


An Enterprise Information Resources Management Strategy, including management and technical policy, that is developed, maintained or updated each biennium;


Comprehensive planning of the design, acquisition, security and use of information resources;


The operation of communications systems and information resources that respond to the management information needs of agencies and programs; and


Consideration of the impact of information resources management activities on the development and vitality of telecommunications infrastructure available to the public.


Although each agency is responsible for the agency’s information resources, centralized information resource management must also exist to:


Provide statewide rules and standards;


Monitor and ensure compliance with those rules and standards;


Provide management and technical assistance; and


Ensure that the information resources management needs of state government and state government programs are addressed along with the needs of the individual agencies. [Formerly 291.037]


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Mar. 11, 2023