Information Technology

ORS 276A.362
Release of publishable data on web portal

  • exemptions
  • rules


A state agency that releases publishable data shall release the data on the web portal maintained under ORS 276A.353 (Chief Data Officer) in accordance with the open data standard and technical standards manual established by the Chief Data Officer under ORS 276A.356 (Open data standard) and 276A.359 (Technical standards manual). If a state agency cannot make all publishable data available on the web portal, the state agency shall report to the Chief Data Officer all publishable data that the agency is unable to make available and state the reasons why the agency is unable to make the data available and the date by which the agency expects the publishable data to be made available on the portal.


The State Chief Information Officer shall adopt rules allowing a state agency to request an exemption from the requirements of subsection (1) of this section when:


The release of publishable data would subject the agency’s information systems to a substantial risk of cyberattack; or


The state agency is purchasing software or vendor services and industry practices do not support downstream processing and dissemination activities. [2017 c.720 §5]


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Mar. 11, 2023