Information Technology

ORS 276A.353
Chief Data Officer

  • duties
  • rules


The State Chief Information Officer shall appoint a Chief Data Officer.


The Chief Data Officer shall:


Maintain a central web portal for the publication of publishable data under ORS 276A.362 (Release of publishable data on web portal).


Establish the open data standard as provided in ORS 276A.356 (Open data standard).


Prepare and publish the technical standards manual as provided in ORS 276A.359 (Technical standards manual).


Create an enterprise data inventory that accounts for all datasets used within agency information systems and that indicates whether each dataset may be made publicly available and if the dataset is currently available to the public. The enterprise data inventory is a public record.


Provide information protection and privacy guidance for state agencies.


Establish an enterprise data and information strategy.


Identify ways to use and share existing data for business intelligence and predictive analytic opportunities.


Identify strategies to combine internal and external data sources.


Establish statewide data governance and policy area data governance and provide guidance for agencies about data governance efforts.


Oversee the delivery of education and standards to state agencies regarding data quality, master data management and data life cycle management.


Form an advisory group to assist the Chief Data Officer in carrying out the duties described in this section and in establishing an enterprise memorandum of understanding for interagency data sharing.


Submit a biennial report to a committee or interim committee of the Legislative Assembly related to information management and technology on:


The status of agency posting of publishable data; and


The status of data sharing within and between agencies, enabling cross-agency analysis to provide information for public purposes, including but not limited to program design and budgeting decisions.


The Chief Data Officer may establish and maintain an online forum to solicit feedback from the public and to encourage discussion on the open data standard and publishable data available on the web portal.


The State Chief Information Officer may adopt rules necessary to implement ORS 276A.350 (Definitions) to 276A.371 (Obligations of state agency under public records law). [2017 c.720 §2]


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