Public Contracting - Public Procurements

ORS 279B.135
Notice of intent to award

At least seven days before the award of a public contract, unless the contracting agency determines that seven days is impractical under rules adopted under ORS 279A.065 (Model rules generally), the contracting agency shall post or provide to each bidder or proposer notice of the contracting agency’s intent to award a contract. This section does not apply to a contract awarded as a small procurement under ORS 279B.065 (Small procurements), an intermediate procurement under ORS 279B.070 (Intermediate procurements), a sole-source procurement under ORS 279B.075 (Sole-source procurements), an emergency procurement under ORS 279B.080 (Emergency procurements) or a special procurement under ORS 279B.085 (Special procurements). The notice and its manner of posting or issuance must conform to rules adopted under ORS 279A.065 (Model rules generally). [2003 c.794 §64]


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