Public Contracting - Public Procurements

ORS 279B.140
Price agreements


A price agreement constitutes a firm offer by the contractor regardless of whether any order or purchase has been made or any performance has been tendered under the price agreement. Unless the price agreement otherwise provides, a price agreement is enforceable for the period stated in the price agreement and, notwithstanding ORS 72.2050 (Firm offers), obligations thereunder are not revocable by the contractor.


Under a price agreement, no quantity unreasonably disproportionate to any stated estimate or, in the absence of a stated estimate, to any normal or otherwise comparable prior requirements may be demanded unless otherwise expressly provided in the price agreement. However, a contracting agency may amend or terminate a price agreement or an order under a price agreement under any of the following circumstances:


Any failure of the contracting agency to receive funding, appropriations, limitations, allotments or other expenditure authority, including the continuation of program operating authority sufficient, as determined in the discretion of the contracting agency, to sustain purchases at the levels contemplated at the time of contracting; or


Any change in law or program termination that makes purchases under the price agreement no longer authorized or appropriate for the contracting agency’s use.


A price agreement does not constitute an exclusive dealing commitment on the part of the contracting agency or the contractor unless the price agreement expressly so provides. [2003 c.794 §68]


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