Circuit Courts Generally

ORS 3.132
Concurrent jurisdiction with justice and municipal courts

In addition to other cases over which they have jurisdiction, circuit courts shall have the same criminal and quasi-criminal jurisdiction as justice courts and shall have concurrent jurisdiction with municipal courts of all violations of the charter and ordinances of any city wholly or in part within their respective judicial districts committed or triable within the counties in the judicial district. [Formerly 46.040]

(formerly 46.040)

Notes of Decisions

Scope of appellate court review of district court convictions of ordinance violations is equivalent to that available to persons appealing from district court convictions of state offenses. City of Portland v. Poindexter, 38 Or App 551, 590 P2d 781 (1979)

Under 1993 version of statute, dollar limitation on jurisdiction only modified reference to jurisdiction concurrent with circuit court, allowing district court to try Class A misdemeanors under grant of jurisdiction equal to justice court. State v. Webb, 324 Or 380, 927 P2d 79 (1996)


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