Circuit Courts Generally

ORS 3.438
Duties of State Court Administrator

To the extent that adequate funds are available from the Family Law Account established under ORS 3.440 (Family Law Account), the State Court Administrator:


Shall hire a director of family court services and sufficient staff, whose compensation must come solely from the Family Law Account, and may delegate to the director of family court services any of the duties listed in subsections (2) to (6) of this section.


Shall administer the Family Law Account demonstration grant program for funding implementation of new, innovative family court services within this state. The State Court Administrator may not fund services under the demonstration grant program for a period exceeding 24 months. The statewide family law advisory committee shall review all applicant programs and shall recommend programs for approval to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


Shall compensate the per diem expenses of the members of the statewide family law advisory committee from the Family Law Account.


(a) Shall plan and implement an annual statewide conference to:


Review legislation relating to family law issues;


Provide family law training;


Review elements of successful family law programs; and


Foster the development of enhanced services to families involved in proceedings before the court.


May pay the expenses of program development and production for program sessions and materials for the statewide conference from the Family Law Account. The State Court Administrator shall credit any receipts from registration or materials fees charged to the Family Law Account.


Shall pay the expenses of the Family Law Legal Services Commission.


Shall carry out other activities in support of the statewide and local family law advisory committees determined by the State Court Administrator to be necessary to achieve the purposes of ORS 3.434 (Adoption of coordination plan for services) to 3.440 (Family Law Account). [1997 c.801 §137]


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