Circuit Courts Generally

ORS 3.405
Application to establish family court department

  • assignment of judges
  • authority of judges


A family court department may be established in the circuit court of a judicial district upon the written application of the presiding judge. The written application must be made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Upon receipt and approval of a written application, the Chief Justice shall designate a date for commencing operation of the family court department in the judicial district. The provisions of this section do not affect the ability of a circuit court to establish specialized subject-matter departments in the manner provided by ORS 3.225 (Establishing specialized subject-matter departments).


In every judicial district in which a family court department is established under this section, the presiding judge of the judicial district may assign one or more judges to serve in the family court department.


Judges serving in the family court department have the same jurisdiction, authority, powers, functions and duties as any other circuit court judge and shall be elected and qualified in the same manner as any other circuit court judge.


For the purposes of this section, “judicial district” means a judicial district enumerated under the provisions of ORS 3.012 (Judicial districts). [1993 c.165 §1; 1995 c.658 §125]


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