Assessment of Property for Taxation

ORS 308.570
Determining value per mile of main and branch lines of companies using rail lines


In the assessment of the property of any company conducting transportation or operating over rail lines, the Department of Revenue shall determine the value of each branch line of the company located within this state and the mileage of each branch line, including miles of main tracks, spurs, yard and sidetracks.


The department shall determine the values per mile of a branch line by dividing the value of the line by the mileage of the line.


The department shall deduct the total value of branch lines of the company from the total value of all centrally assessed property of the company. The department shall then determine the values per mile of the main line of the company by dividing the remainder by the number of miles of the main line, taking into consideration miles of main tracks, spurs, yard and sidetracks. Each mile of spurs, yard and sidetracks shall be valued at not to exceed 50 percent of the value per mile assigned to the main track of the branch or main line with which the spurs, yard and sidetracks are connected.


This section does not apply to small private railcar companies. [Amended by 1969 c.102 §2; 1991 c.459 §151; 1997 c.154 §41; 1999 c.223 §3; 2009 c.128 §9]
§§ 308.505 to 308.665

Notes of Decisions

The water system in a planned unit development was properly assessed by the Department of Revenue as having value for which taxes should have been assessed. Brooks Resources v. Dept. of Rev., 276 Or 1177, 538 P2d 312 (1976)

In valuing a railroad, the weight to be given each approach customarily used (cost, stock and debt, and income) and the variation among appraisers in the minutiae of their methods, if in dispute, are left to the court to consider. Burlington Northern v. Dept. of Rev., 8 OTR 19 (1979), as modified by 291 Or 729, 635 P2d 347 (1981)

Land infested with tansy ragwort and therefore not used to obtain a profit was properly disqualified for special assessment at true cash value for farm use. Shepherd v. Dept. of Rev., 8 OTR 122 (1979)

While it is allowable to use only one approach in valuing property, whether in any given assessment one approach should be used exclusive of the others or is preferable to another or to combination of approaches is question of fact to be determined by the court. Pacific Power and Light Co. v. Dept. of Rev., 286 Or 529, 596 P2d 912 (1979)

Central assessment statutes create exception to public property tax exemption outlined in ORS 307.090. Pacificorp Power Marketing v. Dept. of Revenue, 340 Or 204, 131 P3d 725 (2006)

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Chapter 308

Notes of Decisions

Programs administered by Department of Revenue that allow preferential assessment for farm and forestland are not "programs affecting land use" and are not subject to requirement of statewide goal and local comprehensive plan compliance under ORS 197.180. Springer v. LCDC, 111 Or App 262, 826 P2d 54 (1992), Sup Ct review denied

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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