Land Special Assessments

ORS 308A.119

  • termination of abatement


If on January 1 of any year any farmland assessed under ORS 308A.068 (Qualification of nonexclusive farm use zone farmland) has become disqualified for farm use special assessment because of any gross income or other requirement of ORS 308A.071 (Income requirements for nonexclusive farm use zone farmland), the collection of the additional taxes under ORS 308A.700 (Definitions for ORS 308A) to 308A.733 (Withdrawal of change of special assessment application) shall be deferred, but only if each year for a period of five consecutive years (or such lesser number of years in which farm use assessment was in effect prior to disqualification) beginning on January 1 of the first year the land became so disqualified, the land is used as farmland (including, for the purposes of this section, the growing of forest products). As the limited use is continued and completed each year, additional taxes are abated on the basis of an abatement of one year’s additional tax for each year of limited use beginning with the oldest year for which additional taxes are due for up to five years (or the number of years for which farm use assessment was in effect, whichever is less). Beginning on the January 1 the land became so disqualified the land shall be assessed at its assessed value under ORS 308.146 (Determination of maximum assessed value and assessed value) or as otherwise provided by law without regard to any special assessment laws.


If at any time prior to the expiration of the five-year (or lesser) period specified in subsection (1) of this section the land is used for a higher and better use than farmland, the abatement process shall terminate, and there shall be added to the tax extended against the land on the next general property tax roll, (to be collected and distributed in the same manner as the remainder of the real property tax) the additional taxes that still remain deferred and unabated under subsection (1) of this section.


When land described in this section is used for a higher and better use than farmland during the five-year (or lesser) period described in subsection (1) of this section, the owner shall notify the county assessor before the following January 1 of the change in use.


The amount determined to be due under this section may be paid to the tax collector prior to the completion of the next general property tax roll, pursuant to ORS 311.370 (Receipts for taxes collected in advance of extension on the tax roll). [Formerly 308.404]


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