Corporation Excise Tax

ORS 317.476
Net losses of prior years


In computing Oregon taxable income there shall be allowed as a deduction an amount equal to the aggregate of the Oregon net losses of prior years to the extent provided in this section.


As used in this section, “Oregon net loss” means Oregon net loss as defined in ORS 317.010 (Definitions) (9).


In computing Oregon net loss for any taxable year the Oregon net loss for a prior year shall not be allowed as a deduction.
(4)(a) The Oregon net loss in any taxable year shall be allowed as a deduction in any of the 15 succeeding taxable years.


The amount of the Oregon net loss deductible in any taxable year shall be the Oregon net loss of a prior year reduced by the net income (computed without the Oregon net loss deduction) of any intervening taxable year or years between the year of loss and the succeeding taxable year in which the Oregon net loss deduction is claimed.


The Oregon net loss of the earliest taxable year shall be exhausted before an Oregon net loss from a later year may be deducted.


No deduction shall be allowed under this section to a business trust which qualifies as a “real estate investment trust” under sections 856, 857 and 858 of the Internal Revenue Code. [Formerly 317.297; 1987 c.293 §45d]

See annotations under ORS 317.297 in permanent edition.


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