ORS 34.730
Forfeiture for refusing copy of order or process

Any officer or other person refusing to deliver a copy of any order, warrant, process or other authority by which the officer or person detains any person, to anyone who demands a copy, and tenders the fees therefor, shall forfeit $200 to the person so detained.
§§ 34.310 to 34.730

Notes of Decisions

Availability of relief under writ of habeas corpus is not defeated by transfer of custody from one correctional facility to another while matter is pending. Clemman v. Wright, 109 Or App 325, 819 P2d 327 (1991); McGee v. Johnson, 161 Or App 384, 984 P2d 341 (1999)

Law Review Citations

14 WLJ 55 (1977)


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