Public Universities

ORS 352.029
Definitions for ORS 352.025 to 352.146 and 352.388 to 352.415

As used in ORS 352.025 (Legislative findings) to 352.146 (Faculty) and 352.388 (Definitions for ORS 352.388 to 352.415) to 352.415 (Repayment of outstanding state bonds and other obligations by public university):


“Governing board” means a governing board of a public university listed in ORS 352.002 (Public universities) that manages the affairs of the university by exercising and carrying out all of the powers, rights and duties that are expressly conferred upon the governing board by law, or that are implied by law or are incident to such powers, rights and duties.


“State bonds” means “bonds” as defined in ORS 286A.001 (Definitions for ORS chapter 286A) that are issued by the State Treasurer. [2013 c.768 §2; 2015 c.767 §148; 2017 c.440 §9]


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