ORS 352.061
Annual evaluations of public universities; components of evaluation; rules


On an annual basis, the Higher Education Coordinating Commission shall submit to the Legislative Assembly an evaluation of public universities listed in ORS 352.002 (Public universities). Each public university must be evaluated in the manner required by this section once every two years. As part of the evaluation submitted to the Legislative Assembly, the commission may make recommendations regarding the ability of the university to meet academic goals and fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities.


The evaluation must include:


A report on the university’s achievement of outcomes, measures of progress, goals and targets;


An assessment of the university’s progress toward achieving the mission of all education beyond high school as described in ORS 350.014 (Mission of education beyond high school); and


An assessment as to how well the establishment of a governing board at the university comports with the findings set forth in ORS 352.025 (Legislative findings).


The Higher Education Coordinating Commission may adopt rules necessary for the administration of this section. [2013 c.768 §5; 2015 c.774 §30; 2017 c.440 §5]

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May. 15, 2020