Public Universities

ORS 352.157
Construction and acquisition of buildings and structures


The governing board of a public university listed in ORS 352.002 (Public universities) may undertake the construction of any building or structure for higher education when the governing board conservatively estimates that the public university will have sufficient revenues to pay the operating costs and any indebtedness for the building or structure. For purposes of this section, “revenues” includes all funds available to the governing board except amounts appropriated by the Legislative Assembly from the General Fund. The governing board may enter into contracts for the acquisition, erection, improvement, repair, equipping and furnishing of buildings and structures for dormitories, housing, boarding, off-street motor vehicle parking facilities and other purposes for higher education pursuant to Article XI-F(1) of the Oregon Constitution and ORS 352.157 (Construction and acquisition of buildings and structures) to 352.171 (Insurance for buildings, structures and projects).


The governing board may also undertake the acquisition or construction of those buildings and structures that the Legislative Assembly has determined will benefit higher education institutions or activities, and may enter into contracts with persons, firms or corporations for the acquisition, erection, improvement, repair, equipping and furnishing of such buildings and structures pursuant to Article XI-G of the Oregon Constitution. [Formerly 351.160]

(formerly 351.160)

Notes of Decisions

State Board of Higher Education acting through Southern Oregon State College did not exceed its authority in providing housing, food and transportation to groups attending Shakespearean Festival though such services stemmed from use of facilities constructed or renovated with bonds issued under provisions of Or. Const. Art. XI-F(1). Jansen v. Atiyeh, 87 Or App 617, 743 P2d 765 (1987), Sup Ct review denied, as modified by 89 Or App 557, 749 P2d 1230 (1988)


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