ORS 371.318
Formation order to declare whether district board to be elected or appointed; change in method of selecting board; cost of election


If a county court approves a petition for formation of a special road district, the order of the county court declaring the formation shall also declare, in addition to other matters specified in ORS 198.810 (Order for formation), whether the commissioners of the district shall be appointed by the county court or elected by the electors of the district.


When a special road district is situated within a county, the county court, by ordinance, may provide for a change in the method of selection of the commissioners of the district. The ordinance shall specify whether election or appointment shall be the method of selecting commissioners and shall prescribe the procedures for effecting the change.


When a county court, by an order or ordinance described in this section, requires the commissioners of a special road district to be elected, the county shall pay the costs of conducting the elections at which the commissioners of the district are elected. [1999 c.764 §2]

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