Oregon Road Districts and Road Assessment Plans
ORS 371.650
Certification of assessment; recording order; lien


The county court shall certify a list and description of the ownership, stating the amount of assessment against each individual parcel of land, and shall record the order with the county clerk, who shall indorse thereon the date of the filing thereof and record and index it in the County Clerk Lien Record.


The assessments and interest are a lien upon the land against which the same are assessed from the date of the filing with the county clerk of the order of the county court for the improvement, as provided in ORS 371.635 (Court order for improvement). Each parcel of land is deemed to be benefited by the improvement to the full amount of the assessment levied thereon. No transfer, sale or division of any such parcel, or change in the legal description thereof, in any way divests the lien from the original parcel and the whole thereof. Failing to enter the name of the owner or a mistake in the name of the owner does not in any way render void any assessment and does not in any way affect the lien on the land described. The lien has priority over all other liens and encumbrances whatsoever, except tax liens.


Upon payment of the assessment in full, the county court shall satisfy the same by recording the satisfaction of lien in the County Clerk Lien Record, and the parcel of land charged with such assessment is thereby discharged from the lien. [Amended by 1955 c.773 §8; 1959 c.656 §2; 2001 c.577 §4]
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