Oregon Road Districts and Road Assessment Plans
ORS 371.645
Engineer to ascertain assessment; hearing on objections; court order


The engineer shall ascertain the amount of the assessment against each parcel of land assessed for the improvement and report the same to the county court.


The county court by order shall thereupon set the time, not less than 10 days after the filing of the report, and place for a hearing of objections to the assessments as fixed in the report of the engineer.


Not less than five days prior to the date of the hearing, the county court shall mail to the owner of each parcel of land proposed to be assessed, at the address of the owner as shown on the petition or on the latest tax roll of the county, a written notice of the time and place for the hearing of objections and of the amount of the proposed assessment against the land of the owner.


After hearing objections, the county court shall by order find and determine from the evidence submitted the amount of assessment against each individual parcel of land. [Amended by 1955 c.773 §7; 1971 c.327 §7]
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