Public Assistance and Medical Assistance

ORS 411.875
Status of applicants, recipients, beneficiaries and trainees under community work and training program

  • workers’ compensation coverage

Persons who are applicants, recipients, beneficiaries or trainees in community work and training programs as defined by ORS 411.855 (Definitions for ORS 411.855 to 411.870), and persons who are volunteers during their participation in such programs:


Are not serving in positions in the services of a public entity as defined by ORS 411.855 (Definitions for ORS 411.855 to 411.870) for the purposes of any civil service law or of any retirement system of such public entity.


Are not employees as defined in ORS 657.015 (Employee).


Shall be provided workers’ compensation coverage under the state workers’ compensation system through election under ORS 656.039 (Election of coverage for workers not subject to law) by the employer or the employer’s agent or may be provided another program of insurance if the applicant, recipient, beneficiary or trainee is not otherwise covered by a program of insurance offering similar coverage. Coverage need not include time loss benefits. [1967 c.130 §8; 1993 c.739 §22]
Chapter 411

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Public Welfare Division records showing cost of medical services to welfare recipients as public records, (1972) Vol 35, p 1143


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