Public Assistance and Medical Assistance

ORS 411.141
Authorized expenditures by department for public assistance and OSIP medical assistance

The Department of Human Services may, subject to the allotment system provided for in ORS 291.234 (Department to make allotments to state officers and agencies of appropriations and funds) to 291.260 (Approving, modifying or disapproving requests and budgets to be submitted to the federal government), expend such sums as are required to be expended in this state to provide public assistance. Expenditures for public assistance include, but are not limited to, expenditures for the following purposes:


Temporary assistance for needy families granted under ORS 412.001 (Definitions) to 412.069 (Appeal from denial of or failure to act on application or from modification or cancellation of aid), including services to relatives with whom dependent children applying for or receiving temporary assistance for needy families are living in order to help such relatives attain the maximum self-support or self-care consistent with the maintenance of continuing parental care and protection or in order to maintain and strengthen family life for such children.


Assistance provided by the Oregon Supplemental Income Program and medical assistance provided to recipients of assistance under the Oregon Supplemental Income Program.


General assistance granted under ORS 411.710 (Basis for granting general assistance) to 411.730 (Application for general assistance) and 411.752 (General assistance project established).


Carrying out the provisions of law for child welfare purposes.


Scholarships or grants for qualified recipients to provide them education and professional, technical or other helpful training, payable to a publicly supported career school or educational institution on behalf of the recipient.


Other purposes for which the department is authorized to expend funds, including the administration expenses of the department.


Carrying out the provisions of ORS 411.116 (Department contracts and intergovernmental agreements for providing social services to individuals). [Formerly 411.120; 2013 c.688 §39; 2015 c.70 §7; 2016 c.93 §5]

(formerly 411.120)

Notes of Decisions

The Public Welfare Division is authorized to condition receipt of Aid to Dependent Children grants on participation in a job-search program. Schofield v. Public Welfare Div., 26 Or App 709, 554 P2d 552 (1976)

Chapter 411

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Public Welfare Division records showing cost of medical services to welfare recipients as public records, (1972) Vol 35, p 1143


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