Public Assistance and Medical Assistance

ORS 411.878

  • state program creation
  • rules


In establishing and implementing a program to be known as the JOBS Plus Program, the Legislative Assembly recognizes that early attachment to work and development of knowledge and skills are the most effective means of helping people make the transition from dependence on public assistance and subsiding in poverty to regular employment and self-reliance. It is the intent of the Legislative Assembly to promote greater economic self-sufficiency among Oregon families by:


Increasing the employability of unemployed and underemployed Oregonians through on-the-job training;


Invigorating the public-private workforce partnership through development of jobs with both private for-profit and public employers;


Ensuring that program participants through their employment development plans have opportunities to improve work skills, education and employability and to establish recent work histories with work site training, mentoring, individual education accounts and provision of necessary support service benefits that include child care, workers’ compensation, job placement and a guarantee that participation in the JOBS Plus Program does not result in a reduction in net income to a participant when compared with the participant’s combined income from the temporary assistance for needy families program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; and


Expeditiously placing program participants in subsidized and unsubsidized employment.


The JOBS Plus Program is created as a program in which residents of the State of Oregon shall, in lieu of receiving benefits in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and payments from the temporary assistance for needy families program, be provided jobs and paid in a way that promotes self-sufficiency and encourages unemployed Oregonians to improve their positions in the workforce. The JOBS Plus Program shall be a public assistance to work strategy for the State of Oregon and operate under the job opportunities and basic skills program and rules adopted thereunder to the extent such rules are not inconsistent with ORS 411.877 (Definitions for program) to 411.896 (Annual report on program). These rules include but are not limited to rules regarding participation requirements and support services. [1995 c.561 §3 and 1995 c.816 §16; 1997 c.581 §17; 2009 c.21 §48; 2009 c.599 §9]


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