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ORS 414.364
Intervention approaches

In appropriate instances, interventions developed under ORS 414.361 (Committee to advise and make recommendations on drug utilization review standards and interventions) (1)(d) may include the following:


Information disseminated to prescribers and pharmacists to ensure that they are aware of the duties and powers of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.


Written, oral or electronic reminders of recipient-specific or drug-specific information that are designed to ensure recipient, prescriber and pharmacist confidentiality, and suggested changes in the prescribing or dispensing practices designed to improve the quality of care.


Face-to-face discussions between experts in drug therapy and the prescriber or pharmacist who has been targeted for educational intervention.


Intensified reviews or monitoring of selected prescribers or pharmacists.


Educational outreach through the retrospective program focusing on improvement of prescribing and dispensing practices.


The timely evaluation of interventions to determine if the interventions have improved the quality of care.


The review of case profiles before the conducting of an intervention.


The actions specified in ORS 414.372 (Pharmacy lock-in program). [2011 c.720 §6; 2015 c.467 §6]
Note: See note under 414.351 (Definitions for ORS 414.351 to 414.414).


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