Medical Assistance

ORS 414.432
Reproductive health services for noncitizens


The Oregon Health Authority shall administer a program to reimburse the cost of medically appropriate services, drugs, devices, products and procedures described in ORS 743A.067 (Reproductive health services), for individuals who can become pregnant and who would be eligible for medical assistance if not for 8 U.S.C. 1611 or 1612.


The authority shall provide the medical assistance for pregnant women that is authorized by Title XXI, section 2112, of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1397ll) for 60 days immediately postpartum.


The authority shall collect data and analyze the cost-effectiveness of the services, drugs, devices, products and procedures paid for under this section.


The authority, in collaboration with the Department of Consumer and Business Services if necessary, shall explore any and all opportunities to obtain federal financial participation in the costs of implementing this section, including but not limited to waivers or demonstration projects under Title X of the Public Health Service Act or Title XIX or XXI of the Social Security Act. However, the implementation of this section is not contingent upon the authority’s receipt of a waiver or authorization to operate a demonstration project. [2017 c.721 §5]


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