Medical Assistance

ORS 414.570
System established


There is established the Oregon Integrated and Coordinated Health Care Delivery System. The system shall consist of state policies and actions that make coordinated care organizations accountable for care management and provision of integrated and coordinated health care for each organization’s members, managed within fixed global budgets, by providing care so that efficiency and quality improvements reduce medical cost inflation while supporting the development of regional and community accountability for the health of the residents of each region and community, and while maintaining regulatory controls necessary to ensure quality and affordable health care for all Oregonians.


The Oregon Health Authority shall seek input from groups and individuals who are part of underserved communities, including ethnically diverse populations, geographically isolated groups, seniors, people with disabilities and people using mental health services, and shall also seek input from providers, coordinated care organizations and communities, in the development of strategies that promote person centered care and encourage healthy behaviors, healthy lifestyles and prevention and wellness activities and promote the development of patients’ skills in self-management and illness management.


The authority shall regularly report to the Oregon Health Policy Board, the Governor and the Legislative Assembly on the progress of payment reform and delivery system change including:


The achievement of benchmarks;


Progress toward eliminating health disparities;


Results of evaluations;


Rules adopted;


Customer satisfaction;


Use of patient centered primary care homes and behavioral health homes;


The involvement of local governments in governance and service delivery; and


Other developments with respect to coordinated care organizations. [Formerly 414.620]


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Jun. 26, 2021