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ORS 414.638
Metrics and scoring subcommittee

  • identification of outcome and quality measures and benchmarks


There is created in the Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee a nine-member metrics and scoring subcommittee appointed by the Director of the Oregon Health Authority. The members of the subcommittee serve two-year terms and must include:


Three members at large;


Three individuals with expertise in health outcomes measures; and


Three representatives of coordinated care organizations.


The subcommittee shall select, from the health outcome and quality measures identified by the Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee, the health outcome and quality measures applicable to services provided by coordinated care organizations. The Oregon Health Authority shall incorporate these measures into coordinated care organization contracts to hold the organizations accountable for performance and customer satisfaction requirements. The authority shall notify each coordinated care organization of any changes in the measures at least three months before the beginning of the contract period during which the new measures will be in place.


The subcommittee shall evaluate the health outcome and quality measures annually, reporting recommendations based on its findings to the Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee, and adjust the measures to reflect:


The amount of the global budget for a coordinated care organization;


Changes in membership of the organization;


The organization’s costs for implementing outcome and quality measures; and


The community health assessment and the costs of the community health assessment conducted by the organization under ORS 414.575 (Community advisory councils).


The authority shall evaluate on a regular and ongoing basis the outcome and quality measures selected by the subcommittee under this section for members in each coordinated care organization and for members statewide. [2011 c.602 §10; 2012 c.8 §21; 2015 c.389 §10]


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