Oregon Child Welfare Services
ORS 418.280
Placement of children


A child-caring agency may not place a child with a proctor foster home unless the home has been determined by the child-caring agency to meet minimum standards as established by rules adopted by the Department of Human Services or the Oregon Youth Authority, as applicable, and has been certified by the child-caring agency pursuant to ORS 418.248 (Certification of proctor foster homes).


In placing a child with a proctor foster home that has been determined to meet minimum standards and that has been certified by a child-caring agency under this section and ORS 418.248 (Certification of proctor foster homes), the child-caring agency shall:


Safeguard the welfare of the child by the thorough investigation of each applicant and home and its environment;


Carefully select the child to suit the new relationship and location;


Personally and adequately supervise the home and child until the child returns to the direct care of the child-caring agency or, if permanently placed, receives legal adoption or attains legal age; and


So far as practicable, place the child in a family of the same religious faith as that held by the child or the child’s parents.


A child-caring agency maintains custody, control and responsibility for and, where applicable under ORS 418.275 (Child-caring agency as guardian of child), guardianship of a child placed with a proctor foster home by the child-caring agency. [Formerly 419.132; 1983 c.510 §12; 2003 c.14 §218; 2016 c.106 §16]
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