Oregon Child Welfare Services
ORS 418.295
Certain attorneys not to represent prospective adoptive parents; employees not to recommend any attorney to prospective adoptive parents


No attorney employed by the State of Oregon shall represent prospective adoptive parents in the parents’ attempt to adopt a child being cared for under the provisions of ORS 412.001 (Definitions) to 412.161 (Policy on two-parent families), 418.005 (Powers of department in connection with child welfare services) to 418.025 (Prevention, reduction or control of juvenile delinquency by county programs and activities), 418.205 (Definitions for ORS 418.205 to 418.327, 418.470, 418.475, 418.950 to 418.970 and 418.992 to 418.998) to 418.327 (Licensing of private residential boarding schools), 418.625 (Definitions for ORS 418.625 to 418.645) to 418.685 (Certain agencies declared to be orphans’ homes) and 418.647 (Foster care payments).


No employee of the Department of Human Services shall recommend any attorney to serve as counsel for prospective adoptive parents. [Formerly 419.135; 1969 c.597 §254; 1971 c.401 §24; 2001 c.900 §118; 2016 c.106 §19]
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