Juvenile Code: Delinquency

ORS 419C.285
Parties to delinquency proceeding

  • rights of limited participation
  • interpreters


At the adjudication stage of a delinquency proceeding, the parties to the proceeding are the youth and the state, represented by the district attorney or the juvenile department. At the dispositional stage of a delinquency proceeding, the following are also parties:


The parents or guardian of the youth;


A court appointed special advocate, if appointed;


The Oregon Youth Authority or other child care agency, if the youth is temporarily committed to the agency; and


An intervenor who petitions or files a motion on the basis of a child-parent relationship under ORS 109.119 (Rights of person who establishes emotional ties creating child-parent relationship or ongoing personal relationship).


The rights of the parties include, but are not limited to:


The right to notice of the proceeding and copies of the pleadings;


The right to appear with counsel and to have counsel appointed if otherwise provided by law;


The right to call witnesses, cross-examine witnesses and participate in hearings;


The right to appeal;


The right to request a hearing; and


The right to notice of any proceeding before the Psychiatric Security Review Board.


(a) Persons who are not parties under subsection (1) of this section may petition the court for rights of limited participation. The petition must be filed and served on all parties no later than two weeks before a proceeding in the case in which participation is sought. The petition must state:


The reason the participation is sought;


How the person’s involvement is in the best interest of the youth or the administration of justice;


Why the parties cannot adequately present the case; and


What specific relief is being sought.


If the court finds that the petition is well founded, the court may grant rights of limited participation as specified by the court.


Persons petitioning for rights of limited participation are not entitled to appointed counsel.


In all delinquency proceedings, interpreters shall be appointed in the manner specified by ORS 45.275 (Appointment of interpreter for non-English-speaking party, witness or victim) and 45.285 (Appointment of interpreter for party, witness or victim with disability) for the parties to the proceeding, the victim, witnesses, any person granted rights of limited participation, and any parent or guardian of the youth without regard to whether the parent or guardian is a party to the proceeding. [1993 c.546 §73; 1997 c.873 §22; 2001 c.214 §2; 2001 c.962 §85; 2003 c.396 §§102,103; 2005 c.843 §8; 2015 c.155 §6]
Chapter 419C

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