Youth Correction Facilities

ORS 420.885
Audit and payment of claims


The youth care center shall present to the Oregon Youth Authority an itemized statement showing the names of the youths being cared for during the period for which the statement is submitted and the amount which the center claims for the period. The youth authority shall investigate the claim and approve only that portion which is in accordance with the provisions of ORS 420.855 (Definitions for ORS 420.855 to 420.885) to 420.885 (Audit and payment of claims) and the rules of the youth authority.


When certified by the youth authority, claim for state reimbursements shall be presented to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services and paid in the same manner as the claims against the state are paid.


If the center is operated jointly by more than one public or private agency, each agency participating in the operation shall be entitled to a pro rata share of the amount due, to be determined by the contribution of each to the operating cost of the center. [1967 c.444 §7; 1969 c.196 §3; 1971 c.401 §67; 1995 c.422 §120]


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