Youth Correction Facilities

ORS 420.905
Definitions for ORS 420.905 to 420.915

As used in ORS 420.905 (Definitions for ORS 420.905 to 420.915) to 420.915 (Procedure upon apprehension of escapee, absentee or parole violator):


“Juvenile community supervision officer” means an employee of the Oregon Youth Authority who is classified as a juvenile parole and probation officer or a juvenile parole and probation assistant.


“Peace officer” means:


A sheriff, constable or marshal, or the deputy of any such officer;


A member of the state police;


A member of the police force of a city or a university that has established a police department under ORS 352.121 (University police departments and officers) or 353.125 (Creation of police department and commission of police officers); or


An authorized tribal police officer as defined in ORS 181A.680 (Definitions for ORS 181A.680 to 181A.692). [1957 c.129 §5; 2011 c.506 §40; 2011 c.644 §§31,54; 2013 c.180 §§43,44; 2013 c.259 §§1,2; 2015 c.174 §22]


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