Department of Corrections Institutions

ORS 421.180
Disciplinary procedures

  • rules

The Department of Corrections by rule shall adopt procedures to be utilized in disciplining persons committed to the physical and legal custody of the department. [1973 c.621 §4; 1983 c.211 §1; 1987 c.320 §177]

Notes of Decisions

Record of disciplinary proceedings must contain written statement of why action was taken. Dean v. Ore. State Correctional Institution, 20 Or App 620, 533 P2d 191 (1975), Sup Ct review denied

Inmate temporarily transferred to location other than normal place of confinement remains in custody of department and subject to department disciplinary rules. Shobe v. Oregon Women's Correctional Center, 28 Or App 657, 560 P2d 676 (1977), Sup Ct review denied

Where current prison disciplinary rules do not permit disciplining inmate for conduct while on escape status, superintendent erred in finding petitioner guilty of disciplinary rule violations that occurred during escape. Alexander v. OSP, 99 Or App 659, 783 P2d 1034 (1989)

§§ 421.180 to 421.195

Notes of Decisions

Before a prisoner can be placed in segregation and isolation pending an investigation, a supervisory official of the institution must make a written finding that reasonable suspicion exists that a prisoner would constitute a threat to the security of the institution if the prisoner were not placed in isolation and segregation pending the investigation, and must give notice of such finding to the prisoner. Bekins v. Cupp, 274 Or 115, 545 P2d 861 (1976)


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