Department of Corrections Institutions

ORS 421.437
Compensation of adults in custody

  • rules


Adults in custody who participate in programs operated by the Department of Corrections or Oregon Corrections Enterprises shall be permitted to retain a portion of compensation earned, if any, for their personal use as determined and established by the Director of the Department of Corrections by rule. The director shall ensure that the rules adopted under this section are designed to:


Instill a viable work ethic;


Emulate private gainful employment;


Encourage productivity; or


Maintain the safe, secure and orderly operation and management of department facilities.


Except as otherwise required by federal law to permit transportation in interstate commerce of goods, wares or merchandise manufactured, produced or mined, wholly or in part by adults in custody, the rules adopted under subsection (1) of this section may not authorize adults in custody engaged in prison work programs to retain for their personal use more than 20 percent of gross compensation paid. [1997 c.851 §11; 1999 c.955 §20; 2019 c.213 §88]


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