Department of Corrections Institutions

ORS 421.405
Use of labor of adults in custody for benefit of officials prohibited

  • exceptions


Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no officer or employee of this state shall receive the use or profit of the labor or services of any adult in custody of a Department of Corrections institution, or be directly or indirectly interested in any contract or work upon which adults in custody are employed. However, this subsection does not prohibit adults in custody from doing work or services:


As janitors or gardeners in or about the institutional premises or premises owned or controlled by Oregon Corrections Enterprises.


As chauffeur or driver of a vehicle used by any prison official or employees of Oregon Corrections Enterprises in the discharge of official business.


Contemplated under ORS 421.455 (Forest work camps) to 421.480 (Return of adult in custody to institution).


Subsection (1) of this section does not prohibit adults in custody from performing work or services as apprentices or trainees in a program conducted pursuant to ORS 660.002 (Declaration of policy) to 660.210 (Tort liability of committees, officers, employees and agents) for any officer or employee of this state who does not exercise direct Department of Corrections institution supervisory authority over the adults in custody. [Amended by 1959 c.687 §20; 1961 c.213 §1; 1965 c.616 §67; 1969 c.502 §21; 1979 c.68 §1; 1987 c.320 §195; 1999 c.955 §18; 2019 c.213 §84]


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