ORS 459.270
Renewal of permit prior to proposed closure of disposal site


At least five years before the proposed closure of a land disposal site, the person holding the disposal site permit shall apply to renew the permit.


A permit renewed under this subsection shall be issued for the period including the remaining time of operation of the disposal site, closure of the site and all or part of the post-closure period established by the Department of Environmental Quality during which active supervision of the land disposal site is necessary.


Application for the renewal of a permit under this subsection shall not prevent the disposal site permittee from applying for an extension of the useful life of the land disposal site for receiving solid waste.


Unless the department finds a need to protect against a significant hazard or risk to the public health, safety or environment, the department shall terminate any permit for and active supervision of a land disposal site 30 years after the site is closed.


Any time after a land disposal site is closed according to the requirements of this section, the permit holder may apply for a termination of the permit, a release from one or more of the permit requirements or termination of any applicable permit fee. Before the department grants a termination or release under this section, the department must find that there is no longer a need for:


Active supervision of the site;


Maintenance of the site; or


Maintenance or operation of any system or facility on the site. [1983 c.766 §3; 1993 c.526 §7]
Chapter 459

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Power of department to regulate mining activities or recovery of oil and geothermal resources, (1972) Vol 35, p 1100; authority of Environmental Quality Commission and Department of Environmental Quality to regulate disposition of food processing byproducts determined to be solid waste, (1979) Vol 39, p 770

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