ORS 459.248
Cleanup of hazardous substance contaminating ground water

In addition to any other authority granted by law, if the Department of Environmental Quality finds that ground water is contaminated with a hazardous substance originating at a land disposal site, the department may require cleanup of the hazardous substance pursuant to authority under ORS 465.200 (Definitions for ORS 465.200 to 465.545) to 465.545 (Suspension of dry cleaning fees). As used in this section, “hazardous substance” has the meaning given that term in ORS 465.200 (Definitions for ORS 465.200 to 465.545). [1993 c.526 §3]
§§ 459.205 to 459.265

Notes of Decisions

It was proper for Department of Environmental Quality to consider water pollution statutes in ORS chapter 468 while acting on solid waste disposal permit application. Land Reclamation, Inc. v. DEQ, 55 Or App 996, 640 P2d 699 (1982), Sup Ct review denied

Chapter 459

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Power of department to regulate mining activities or recovery of oil and geothermal resources, (1972) Vol 35, p 1100; authority of Environmental Quality Commission and Department of Environmental Quality to regulate disposition of food processing byproducts determined to be solid waste, (1979) Vol 39, p 770

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