ORS 459.350
Commission review of metropolitan service district report

The Environmental Quality Commission shall review the report submitted by the metropolitan service district under ORS 459.345 (Metropolitan service district report to commission) to determine:


Whether the district’s activities related to solid waste disposal comply with the district’s solid waste reduction program and any goals established by the district in previous reports submitted under ORS 459.345 (Metropolitan service district report to commission); and


Whether the program and all disposal sites operated by or used by the district continue to meet the criteria established under ORS 459.015 (Policy). [1987 c.876 §15; 1989 c.171 §59]
Chapter 459

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Power of department to regulate mining activities or recovery of oil and geothermal resources, (1972) Vol 35, p 1100; authority of Environmental Quality Commission and Department of Environmental Quality to regulate disposition of food processing byproducts determined to be solid waste, (1979) Vol 39, p 770

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