Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials I

ORS 465.545
Suspension of dry cleaning fees

  • recommendation to Legislative Assembly


Upon a determination by the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality that necessary removal and remedial action is completed and paid for at all dry cleaning facilities having a confirmed release of dry cleaning solvent, the director shall report to the next following session of the Legislative Assembly with a recommendation for the suspension of the fees, other than the annual license fee, imposed under ORS 465.517 (Annual fee and gross revenue fee for dry cleaning facilities), 465.520 (Fee on sale or transfer of dry cleaning solvent) and 465.523 (Fee on use of dry cleaning solvent).


The Director of the Department of Environmental Quality shall give notice of the intent to make the recommendation described under subsection (1) of this section at least one year prior to the date recommended by the director as the date of suspension.


The provisions of ORS 465.500 (Purpose), 465.503 (Exemption from administrative or judicial action to compel removal or remedial action), 465.505 (Waste minimization requirements for dry cleaning facilities) and 465.510 (Dry Cleaner Environmental Response Account) apply retroactively to releases of dry cleaning solvents occurring before June 30, 1995. [1995 c.427 §21; 2001 c.495 §12; 2003 c.407 §22]


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